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Bugs - HarrogateWhat are Bugs at The Little Gym?

Our Bugs programme is especially developed for children between the age of 4-10 months old. Building primarily on small movements and strength in preparation for the big milestones of being upright; sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping.

Our child friendly and purpose built environment allow for positive development of ‘internal’ senses such as their proprioceptive awareness (muscle and spatial control) and vestibular sense (balance and movement sense), essential for development.

Teachers will lead the group through appropriate skills, giving progressions where needed.
Along the way, our Bugs will be exposed to necessary stimuli that supports young babies in the first year of a child’s rapid development, through carefully structured motor-skill rehearsal (movement aided or manipulated by parent and instructor), social interaction, musical activities and language concepts, all scientifically shown to enhance early years development.

Parents are taught how to practice exercises at home and to understand the benefits of such exercises that enhance development and increase trust and confidence in both the parent and child, known to give children a head start as they move from motionless ‘Bugs’ to inquisitive ‘Birds’ and far far beyond.

Above all, our Bugs programme is a life-enhancing 45 minutes each week; a chance to learn and to laugh, to wonder and to smile and to share and make new friends with like-minded mums and your child’s equally like-minded play-mates!

Join us for weekly classes and see how just 45 minutes a week can play a vital role in your little one's development, reaching far further than just the colourful walls of The Little Gym.

Our classes are Wednesday 10.15am and Friday 2.45pm and spaces are available to start straight away

Call us on 01423 701560 or email to book in or to speak with one of the team for more information.


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