How does gymnastics help to get ready for school?

Giggle WormsThis is the season when children learn which school they'll be going to in September, or perhaps you have a little one who still has a year to wait. We can help in both cases and give options for the next phase in your child's life. 

For children heading to school this September, it’s a nerve wracking time for some and the best adventure for others. School brings new challenges, social situations and an opportunity like no other. Here at The Little Gym we’re so proud to see our little Giggle Worms venturing off in their pristine uniform out to experience school. We’ve watched them refine their social skills over the past year in our classes, working amongst friends and learning how to listen and take turns.

One of the hardest challenges these 3-4 year olds have had to master over the past year is the ability to stay still, take instruction and then go! We know children love to move, it is how they learn best after all, so how has this skill helped in preparing them for school?

Imagine you’re a 4 year old doing a forward roll, throughout the whole experience, your body is turning and spinning, your eyes are tracking to see which way up your surroundings are and your muscles are reacting to the environment to ensure a safe stop at the bottom! This may only last a few minutes but the effects will have a lasting impact.

This rolling helps to stimulate the sense responsible for balance and muscle control, essential for maintaining an upright seated position whilst listening to instruction from a teacher. It also helps to send information to the brain about how much muscle force is needed to stop!
Playing in the playground with new friends is a tricky domain to navigate, especially when playing tag, you don’t want to use too much force and push over your new friend! This is just one of many movement based developmental milestones which are essential to learn before starting school.

If you have a little one starting school in September (or a little one who still has another year to wait) and are looking for a weekly class for these last few months before school begins then just get in touch. We have plenty of space for children between 3-5 years old ready for their next adventure. Check our schedule to see which day and time works best for you and get in touch, we’d love to welcome your family along.

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Robbert Stone
Tue, Sep 4, 2018
Robbert Stone
Kid gymnastics instructs a lot of critical abilities. Someone Do My Essay. It encourages kids how to fall, adjust, adaptability, quality, and other. It is one of the hardest games out there due to the assortment of prerequisites. For kids, it is an awesome method to begin their life.