It's Time to Celebrate!

show week harrrogateWe're so excited, it's Show Week! 

Ask any teacher at The Little Gym and they'll all tell you how much they love the end of term and this one special week in particular; our Show Week. Our term began in September and runs through until this week where we get to celebrate all the achievements over the past term. 

Throughout the week, for our Parent and Child classes we'll recap and look back on the massive milestones the children have achieved, walking, running, jumping, forward rolls and so much more! 

For our Pre-K children they get to show off their best skills and favourite activities all with a parent inside the gym to watch, a real treat for these little ones. 

The Grade children have a lot to be proud of during the term, achieving that elusive cartwheel, a handspring and some brilliant bar and beam skills, again with a proud parent watching by inside the gym. 

This very special week marks the huge successes of the children over the term and a "thank you" to all the parents and grown ups who bring these wonderful children to class each week. 

Please do bring camera's and any family/friends who would like to come along and celebrate too. All adults will be going into the gym this week; don't forget to take off those shoes and come prepared with socks and perhaps a jumper; it does get chilly if you're not doing the forward rolls! 

Be prepared for cheers, clapping, high5's and quite possibly some tears (and that's just from the proud teachers!) as we invite our members to celebrate our annual SHOW WEEK! 

If you have any questions, please just give us a call 01423 701560 or email us


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